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Image Capture

By drone, handheld device or any other method you find suitable

Image / Data Upload

Upload large amounts of images and KML files to the platform

Image Processing & Analysis

Uploaded images are shown on a map and analysis is a breeze

Sharing & Reporting

Swiftly create reports and spark action by sharing your inspections’ results

Key Features of Scopito

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Lightning Fast Speed

Being able to turnaround inspection results back to your client means more business and satisfied customers. This is why speed is a top priority at Scopito.

Easy Annotations

Effortlessly mark issues in images to point out where actions need to be taken. Annotated images are the key to automated fault detection.

Smart Reports

Generate professional reports in one click of the mouse. Present your findings in an easy to read, customizable format that screams professionalism.

Scopito Intelligence

Our mission is to enable the future of visual inspections through AI automation and refined work-flows to challenge the status quo of the inspection industry. We do so by collaborating with the leading companies within the AI automation, visual inspection services & asset owners.


We support a wide range of industry verticals –
everything from onshore to off-shore, residential to commercial.

Power Transmission

With drone and other aerial inspection techniques becoming more common, power line inspections and repairs are rapidly changing. Now, powerline inspections can be made without disruption of service, without costly crane operations and without damaging fields and forests in the process. Drone inspections also make it possible for inspection crews to capture thousands of precisely tagged images of the infrastructure.

Wind Farms

In the wind industry, drone-based and other aerial inspection techniques are becoming more and more widespread, which makes inspections and repairs and wind farms easier, faster and safer. The opportunities are: Better planning of repairs, better investment analysis and lifetime assessment, safer work environment for inspection crews and lower carbon footprint, just to name a few.

Road, Rail and Rooftop

Inspecting these often require personnel to travel far over land or by air, and inspection photography is often faulty and incomplete. Drone technologies are changing this at a rapid rate, as drones and camera technology become more sophisticated and even autonomous. To back-up the large amount of acquired image data and geographical information, a strong, reliable software platform is needed.

Overview of Inspections in Scopito

Inspections are being uploaded daily to Scopito from all over the globe. Did you leave your mark on the map?


Images analyzed


Companies served

What do customers have to say about us?

Read some of the following customer cases and learn how Scopito helped them grow their business.

KC Love

United States of America

Scopito turned out to be an excellent choice for our customers due to their streamlined platform, customizable features, and superb user interface design, e.g. easy-to-use filters that show you exactly what you’re looking for, where certain other platforms give you 60 pages per turbine.”

– KC Love, VP of Data Engineering at Measure

Malcolm Davidge

United Kingdom

Solar inspections require two datasets plus the exact location of faults are reporting on. Scopito makes it logical and simple, saving enormous amounts of time and producing great inspections and reports.

Mads Lykke Pedersen


“We perform more and more drone inspections, but we also still take images using helicopter runs and photography from the ground. After that it’s just a question of uploading the GPS-tagged images to the Scopito platform. That way we can keep full control of our inspection data and share them with colleagues and repair crews.”

Logan Chernicky
Enhanced Visual

United States of America

Love the Scopito team, their passionate about what they do and are always improving functionality. My only regret is not working with them sooner.


Want to keep your own brand in the spotlight with your own platform name and URL? Look no further. White label is the answer. White label can be added to any plan for a monthly flat rate of €1000 ($1,188 USD) on top of the plan’s normal rate. You will be asked to pay for 12 months in advance. Are you able to commit for more in advance? We’ll reward you with a discount in return!


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$ {{planPrices.basic[activeCurrency]}} / month

  • Up to 1,000 images in total
  • 1 Inspector login
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited inspections
  • Unlimited client companies
  • Encrypted connection
  • Generate reports
  • Roles & Rights
  • Monthly backup
  • Custom maps
  • KML support

$ {{planPrices.basic[activeCurrency] * 12}} / year
$ {{planPrices.basic[activeCurrency] * 12 - ((planPrices.basic[activeCurrency] * 12)*0.10) | floor}} / year


$ {{planPrices.standard[activeCurrency]}} / month
  • Up to 10,000 images in total
  • 5 Inspector logins
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited inspections
  • Unlimited client companies
  • Encrypted connection
  • Generate reports
  • Roles & Rights
  • Monthly backup
  • Custom maps
  • KML support

$ {{planPrices.standard[activeCurrency] * 12}} / year
$ {{planPrices.standard[activeCurrency] * 12 - ((planPrices.standard[activeCurrency] * 12)*0.10) | floor}} / year


$ {{planPrices.professional[activeCurrency]}} / month

  • Up to 50,000 images in total
  • 25 Inspector logins
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited inspections
  • Unlimited client companies
  • Encrypted connection
  • Generate reports
  • Roles & Rights
  • Daily backup
  • Custom maps
  • KML support

$ {{planPrices.professional[activeCurrency] * 12}} / year
$ {{planPrices.professional[activeCurrency] * 12 - ((planPrices.professional[activeCurrency] * 12)*0.10) | floor}} / year


We also provide an enterprise solution for large-team businesses and deal with a lot of data.

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