The only thing you need  is a web browser and some images. The process looks like this


Capture images regardless of quality and quantity


Upload all the images into Scopito


Categorize points of interest manually or let us solve the timeconsuming analysis work


Share your data with colleagues or subcontracters


Your data travels with you

One of the main purposes of Scopito is the ability to be easily used and accessed from different types of devices. In the field or in the office you have the ability to analyse, visualize and apply tags or comments to your images from a variety of portable devices, as well as standard laptops and desktops.

The layout is designed as a fully-responsive website for quick access, with a minimalistic style to keep the usage learning curve to a minimum. All data you put into Scopito is accessible with only few clicks on a touchscreen, mouse or keyboard.


Associating images with geo-referential data is an important aspect to ensure that users will get most out of image material. Scopito supports the automatic correlation of images and geo-referential data such as GPX files. We also support custom scenarios, e.g. automatically extract identification numbers or names from images and match them with a customer position database.

  • GPX Exchange Format
  • ExIF geotagged images
  • Custom formats


Scopito is designed to serve a broad audience


Scopito was developed out of necessity to store, analyze and share large amounts of images

  • 1. Use UAVs, aircrafts or mobile devices to collect images and location data when conducting complex inspections
  • 2. Upload captured data to Scopito to identify issues
  • 3. Use scopito as a fast and lightweight tool that enables sharing issue reports with partners and subcontractors for planning repairs


Scopito is a cloud platform that makes, it easy to
store, analyse and share images.

Today’s inspection processes and maintenance procedures require the handling of an ever-increasing amount of images. This is a very time-consuming and exhausting process if performed manually. Scopito is developed with the sole purpose of handling and processing an extreme amount of images in a seamless fashion, to allow you to focus on what is important for your business. Scopito does this by providing a cloud-based platform for hosting and analysing images, thereby reducing the amount of manual labour required for image analysis.

Having a large amount of images requires a simple way of tagging them, so they will be easy to locate at a later time. Scopito solves this task by allowing users to combine different mechanisms for narrowing down images. Combined with identifying images, Scopito also includes a way of tracking issues in relation to inspections by having specialized tags for issue tracking. Users can apply any of the pre-defined tags to any image when potential issues are spotted. This also serves a way of building a simple workflow.


Scopito is designed to scale with its distributed software architecture. The goal has been clear from the start: to develop a platform that will host millions of images without compromising performance for users. Several systems are on the market to aid in categorizing images, however, they often place less emphasis on performance, usability and shareability.

All images in Scopito are pre-processed automatically in a way that enables you, as a user, to view the image from a variety of devices with impressive speed, and without the need for a high-speed Internet connection.

  • No need to buy or maintain server hardware
  • Support and maintenance included
  • Possibility to share data between internal and external users
  • System performance is not affected by image quality or quantity
  • Secure encrypted data connections