When it comes to providing the most efficient and reliable software for cell tower inspection, Scopito is definitely the best choice.Need For Cell Tower Inspection Software

Telecommunication companies across the globe need to constantly monitor their towers to ensure smooth and hassle free relay of signals between the devices of countless users. However, this task of monitoring the health and safety of cell towers in often quite risky and even extremely expensive. The companies need to employ specially trained personal capable of detecting any flaws in the towers using high end and costly equipment.

However, now with the use of Drone cell tower inspection software, the telecom companies can easily learn about any defects in their towers without putting any human life at risk. The software also cuts down the cost involved and the time taken for detecting any flaws by a considerable margin. In addition, it also provides the companies with complete details of the defects through visual imagery, making it easier to develop lasting solutions for the problem.

Process To Get Scopito Software

Scopito believes in making things as simple as they can be. In keeping with the same it has developed an extremely user friendly Drone cell tower inspection software, which can be easily accessed by clients through their cloud or browser based interface. The clients just need to create a Scopito account and logon to the account to gain access to the inspection images. They can then browse/share/tag the images as per their requirements.

Benefits Of Using Scopito Cell Tower Inspection Software

Using software to detect any damages or flaws in a cell tower can prove extremely beneficial as compared to using the other traditional methods. The most important of these benefits are discussed below.

  • Using the Drone cell tower inspection software is not only less expensive but also time saving. In addition, it eliminates the chances of risk to the life or well being of any personal as the whole process is carried out in an automated manner through remote operation.
  • The details of the defects and flaws are much clearer as everything is available in the form of images. It is easier to pinpoint the exact location of the problem on the extremely huge towers and also develop the most practical plans and strategies to resolve the problem in the safest way within minimal time.
  • It makes sharing the information about the detected defects and flaws much easier. The account holders just need to provide access to the people who are required to see the information available in the form of images at the data centre. Alternately, the account holders can also choose to share the selected images with the concerned people.
  • Storing the details of the inspection is much easier as everything is present in digital format and hence the account holders do not need to worry about the images becoming useless with time. In fact, the images can be archived and then pulled up anytime in the future for reference or simply for seeking information.

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