The reliable cover of cell towers became a necessity in the modern life. Many of our technologies involve dependencies on reliable coverage. As mission-critical facilities, Cell towers need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, and for a verity of reasons.


Minor issues might develop to become more serious and escalate into major and expensive repairs. On the other hand, changes and upgrades are constantly performed on the existing infrastructure. They imply more complexity to the already convoluted task and great additional costs.
In addition, companies developed awareness to the increasing impact of the infrastructures on nature and the surroundings.


The communication industry is one of the first industries that will greatly benefit from the use of drones and UAVs. The advantages of exploiting drones for that purpose have been long discussed and it starts to show more obvious successes around the world, as companies are increasing their commitment.
The rise of commercial drones requires the industry to re-evaluate many of the old procedures, due to the new inseparable challenge that comes along with it, i.e. a large number of images and data. To truly scale up the operations of drones to a commercial grade, the industry must recognize the need for data management system.

Ken Falk, the CEO of Scopito, foresaw that development back at 2014. As a software engineer and the leader of land surveying start-up, he wasn’t satisfied with the ‘after-flight’ time-consuming overheads and the poor analysis tools that were available for drone operators.
3 years later with numerous iterations of software design, collaborations, and R&D, Scopito is now one of the world’s leading data management systems, that designed especially for drone operators.

Scopito is cloud-based, innovative data management system designed especially for visual aerial inspections and greatly simplifies the post-flight process. Smart storage, analysis tool, and delivery method are the core philosophy foundations of the company. They ensure effective, carefully crafted and powerful workflow that makes Scopito second to none.

Recently Scopito discovered several exciting use cases in the telecommunication industry that shined above others. As to this day, some of Scopito’s customers completely reimagined their data by using Scopito.


The reports are currently used by companies to compare performance before and after installation or repairs. Malposition of an antenna has a great impact on signal reach and efficiency. Scopito serves as a great platform for engineers to get an updated view and troubleshoot a variety of errors long before reaching the site.

Users can look up custom made sub-sets of images (with custom-made tags), to accommodate their focus. Images can be categorized as ‘Verified as a problem’, ‘Point of interest’, ‘Colour coded mounts’ or anything else.


An American Scopito user brought to our attention the showcase of his company, evident to how they successfully minimized the impact of cell towers on nature by using Scopito.
A local law prohibits carriers from doing any type of work or upgrades to a site that is inhabited by nests of endangered spices, like the Osprey.
By using the custom defined tags, they were able to filter historical data and learn on the traffic in the nests. Visual verification allows for an environmental biologist to speed up the process and share reports quickly with stakeholders.


The vastness of the telecommunication coverage forced companies to work with multiple contractors, inspectors or technicians.
One of Scopito’s most appreciated feature is successfully facilitating the process allowing users to create a private view for each one of their customers.
Each one of the stakeholders in the process could be provided with private login and role permissions according to their responsibilities, and focused view with the relevant inspections only. This enables multiple contributors to collaborate around the same place and work independently.


The ability to layer maps increases drastically the value of the data. Images could be presented over custom up-to-date maps, imported from other services. Engineers and technicians are able to plan upgrades on maps that were imported from map services as DroneDeploy and thus take into consideration seasonal changes on the site.

Above all, Scopito is focused to provide the best experience as data management tool. Your delivery method is Scopito’s business.
With Scopito you are able to reduce the costs of developing your own and embrace a solution that could grow with your business. It’s about time to get rid of your clustered dropbox folder or handing to customers physical storages across the country. With an encrypted and secure service, customers are able to download the original images to their local storage if necessary.

Article by: Sagi Alagem-Iversen
Scopito, Denmark.
+45 28 18 17 90

Contributed to the article:
Charles Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc. USA
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