You can find Industrial chimneys in every industrial area through which polluted gas gets released. The industrial chimneys are very tall and need to be inspected at regular interval in order to ensure that there is no problem with structural integrity. In the manual process of chimney inspection a person experienced in this job needs to physically travel to the interior as well as exterior of the stack by hanging on the ropes. To be able to carry out the chimney inspection, a scheduled shut-down of the production is necessary to reduce the safety risk of the crew engaged in the job.

Scopito Drone Chimney inspection software

Application of Drone Chimney inspection software by Scopito offers great opportunity for improving both efficiency as well as safety of the operation. You can use it for inspecting the exterior and interior of a chimney.

Drone inspecting interior of stack is basically a complex task, and therefore a limited number of UAV technologies has the potential in this particular field. The software is designed in order to facilitate the process of chimney inspection in a complete hassle free manner. The ease and convenience in use made this software popular amongst the chimney inspection companies across the globe. The software provides a cost effective and highly reliable alternative to detect the faulty areas in the chimney, which are prohibiting the clear functioning of the chimney, and leading to occurrence of pollution in the environment.

Scopito – the ideal Solution Provider

Scopito managed to create a special position in the industry with its high quality and accurate performing Drone Chimney inspection software. When compared with other software available in the market, the one offered by Scopito is proved to be easy to use and there is no need to install the software on client systems. The process of accessing the software is very simple for Scopito software. The steps which one needs to follow for getting access to it are as follows:

  • Create a user account for Scopito
  • Logon to the Scopito account
  • Browse, tag or share the images captured and stored in the data center

There are many reasons which stand responsible for the popularity of this software in the market. Check out the points below:

Save Time Plus Money: It’s an accepted fact that with application of this software you can save not only time you invest in inspection but also save lots of money which you are supposed to spend on the technical expert who will get the inspection done for you.

Easy Access to Captured Images: As there is no need of getting this software installed in any particular PC you can access the images captured from any location you want and share the same with the clients in a complete hassle free manner.

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