Drone Bridge Inspection Software

Bridges you can find in N numbers of shapes and sizes and one thing which in common in each of them is susceptible towards weathering and deterioration. It is important for the bridge managing company to inspect and monitor condition of bridge from time to time in order to enhance its life span or catastrophe. But reaching each and every corner of the bridge is not that easy for inspection as there are some difficult areas which are inaccessible. It’s an accepted fact bridge inspection act is time consuming, expensive, and also comes with a safety risk.

Why to invest in Drone Bridge inspection software?

Bridge inspection companies need to rely on the high quality and extremely efficient inspection software offered by Scopito in order to check the level of degradation happened in the unbreakable areas of the bridge in order to chalk out the plan which needs to be executed to make timely repairing of the bridge.

With the launch, of high quality Drone Bridge inspection software, these companies are in a position to make accurate and error free inspection of bride site and understand the areas which needs attention. Application of the software will surely can cut down losses and will minimize the chances of overlooking the critical areas of the bridge.

Best quality and trustworthy software, like the one offered by Scopito can help bridge inspection companies capture clear and exact images of the bridge which is under surveillance. The clear images captured by the Drone Bridge inspection software will highlight those areas which needs immediate repair activities to be done. Depending on the condition of the bridge from the image the management can take the decision as what amount of investment need to be done and by what timeline the repairing need to be completed to make the bridge securely functional for the smooth transport.

This method of inspecting bridge site is not only reliable but also extremely cost effective and safe when compared to the process in which human investigators is needed with sophisticated equipment.

Why Choose Scopito?

We emerged as one of the trusted names of the industry in short span of time for our high quality Drone software which are not only cost effective but also gives accurate image of the areas which needs the attention of the supervisor for repair and maintenance work.

In order to complete the inspection right in time, there is no need of much time for making the setup and within few minutes of setup inspection can begin. Minimal safety systems are needed to be placed. Scopito software is designed to make faster inspections, lower costs along with less downtime. The drone inspection is also safe when compared to traditional method of inspections as no labour need to place in any vulnerable position.

Key features of Scopito software for bridge inspection:

  • You can get high quality images of the damaged area
  • You can share the images easily with the concerned team
  • You can present these images as proof to the clients to prove which areas of the bridge are at risk

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