Road, rail and rooftop

Today, many industries rely on manual inspections of infrastructure such as road, rail, buildings, gas lines and other major installations.

Inspecting these often require personnel to travel far over land or by air, and inspection photography is often faulty and incomplete. Drone technologies are changing this at a rapid rate, as drones and camera technology become more and more sophisticated, even autonomous.

To back up the large amount of image data and geographical information acquired in this way, a strong, reliable software platform is needed.

Scopito is such a platform. It is cloud-based, fully scalable and allows you to apply both new image data and existing imagery. With Scopito, you can create reports of the condition of infrastructure and installations. You can use our strong analysis tool to pinpoint areas that need attention, now or in the future. And you can share the information easily across platforms with anyone you choose.

Business areas where Scopito can increase the efficiency of inspection data:

  • Road networks
  • Rail networks
  • Building inspections, e.g. rooftops
  • Vegetation and agricultural monitoring
  • Offshore cabling
  • Gas and oil industry
  • Sewer systems and district heating, e.g. by use of infrared imaging
  • Solar panel thermal imaging

The applications of the Scopito platform are almost endless – and we are always eager to discuss how our software can help you achieve inspection success and infrastructure performance.

Contact our team today and let’s discuss the possibilities!

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