Insurance companies have come to rely on the high quality and extremely efficient inspection software offered by Scopito to verify the validity of claims submitted to them.

Why Insurance Companies Need Inspection Software

Every year insurance companies are required to pay massive amounts of money to settle claims made by clients. Despite their best efforts at establishing the validity of the claims, many times these companies are dismissed by their clients mainly due to lack of clear and ample evidence. However, with high quality Drone insurance inspection software, these companies can carry out accurate and error free inspection of a site to verify its validity for a claim. This can help cut down the losses by minimizing the liability of fulfilling fake claims.

High quality and reliable software, such as the one offered by Scopito, can help insurance companies capture clear and precise images of the site in question. This helps then to not only access the true extent of the damage but also to gain information and clues that can validate the theory of accident as provided by the clients. This method is not only more reliable but also extremely cost effective as compared to using human investigators with sophisticated equipment.

Scopito Makes It Easier

The fact that Scopito Drone insurance inspection software is extremely user friendly and reliable is just one of the several reasons behind its growing popularity. In fact, the company goes a step further in enhancing the convenience for the users by providing the clients direct access to the software without the need to install it. You as a client, just need to set up a user account with Scopito and login to your account to gain access to the images captured by the software of an inspected site. You can even browse, tag and share the images with people as you like.

Why Choose Scopito

Scopito has emerged as a pioneer in the area of providing highly efficient, convenient and dependable Drone insurance inspection software. Opting to use this software offers a variety of benefits to you as a client, the most important of which are listed below.

  • You can get high quality images of the damaged area without the need to send up professional photographers, which can prove extremely costly, especially if the site is remotely located or inaccessible.
  • You can share the images easily with your investigation team and damage analysis experts to get their opinion prior to fulfilling the claim. You can even enhance the quality and resolution of the images to get a better view of the damaged area and analyze it in detail.
  • You can present these images as proof to the clients to contradict their unauthentic claims based on false reports and manipulated imagery and thus avoid paying a huge sum in the form of damages.
  • Since the images are captured in an automated manner through a remote controlled system, there is a minimal chance of them being tampered with through unauthorized access to the data center.

So, to get all the above advantages and much more, contact Scopito today to learn more about this innovative technology.