Line Inspections in Norway

In many regions of Norway, access to powerlines is difficult, so helicopters are often deployed to inspect the grid. But power utilities are increasingly becoming aware of the potential of drone-based inspections as a cost-effective and powerful method of obtaining data.

Skånevik Ølen Kraftlag is one of the first power suppliers to test the concept in Norway along with drone operators Funtek – and the results are looking good!

Results indicate cheaper, more efficient power line inspections

Apart from scheduled inspections, Skånevik Ølen Kraftlag has also called upon Funtek to carry out inspections to detect and identify specific faults on the grid, when helicopters could not take off due to high winds. “Funtek responded and found the fault very quickly with their drone services, so we will definitely turn to this solution again in the future,” says Jan Erik Fedje.

Full software integration between Scopito & Powel

Funtek is working closely with their own software developers and suppliers Powel and Scopito to  make sure inspection data in Scopito integrates well with the customers’ existing Powel platform. Powel’s solutions are currently being used by both Danish and Norwegian utility companies to manage powerlines and powerline infrastructure.

Scopito’s software is just perfect for this type for work,” Torstein Funderud says.


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