The rise of drone inspections in Africa

Where is Africa standing on applying drones for inspections? At Scopito we are always curious to better understand our customer’s challenges and successes. This time we talked to Jaco Mienie from Step Above Mapping – a drone inspection company located in South Africa.

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We asked Step Above Mapping:
– What has been your experience of drone inspections in Africa the latest years?
– What do you think will happen in the years to come?
– How does operating in Africa affect you, compared to e.g. the US or Europe?
– Has it become easier to convince people that drones are the way to go?

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Power line UAV inspection Africa

IMAGE: Power line drone inspection near a South African village

“On one hand regulations are preventing innovation in specific sectors – on the other hand they ensure that only quality providers are left at the end.”

– Jaco Mienie, Step Above Mapping

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