Scopito, a leading provider of drone oil pipe inspection software, has revolutionized the process of conducting damage analysis of oil pipelines.

Simplifying The Task of Oil Pipeline Inspection

Inspecting miles of oil pipelines for any flaws or defects is not an easy task and requires the companies responsible to hire specially trained technicians in addition to providing them the right equipment. The underground placement of the oil pipelines in most cases further complicates things. It even hinders the process of capturing accurate and reliable data about the true condition of the pipelines. These manual inspection methods are not only extremely time-consuming, and expensive, but also prone to great error margin.

However, with the Scopito drone oil pipe inspection software, it is now possible to carry out accurate and high quality inspection of even the most deeply positioned pipelines in a cost effective and efficient manner. This innovative technology enables the inspectors to inspect the pipelines even from a remote location through visual imagery being captured and transmitted by the drone software. Thus it offers more reliable results as compared to manual methods and this enables timely and lasting action to rectify the flaws.

Scopito – The User Friendly Option

Scopito has earned a name for offering the best quality and most user friendly drone oil pipe inspection software. This highly convenient and effective technology is capable of capturing high resolution images of every section of the pipelines and transmitting them almost immediately to the data centre. The oil companies can then easily access these images without downloading the software by creating a login id with the Scopito website and using it to gain access to the images in the data center. The inspectors can browse or share or even tag the images as they please to the relevant persons.

Why Scopito Is The Best Choice

Scopito drone oil pipe inspection software is not only economical but also safe and reliable as compared to other methods of inspecting oil pipelines. It is increasingly becoming the popular choice of inspection companies handling such tasks due to the following benefits it offers.

  • It provides highly accurate data and information in visual form enabling the inspection companies to access any suspected damage and flaws in detail for creating an effective plan of action.
  • It enables the inspectors to enhance the quality of the images so that they can better analyze the reasons for the damage and also know the true extent of the same and also its affect on the other pipes in the vicinity.
  • The technology helps prevent major environmental disasters that might be caused by sudden and major oil spills resulting due to any undetected damages or flaws in the pipelines well in time.
  • Most importantly the software makes it possible for the inspectors to share the images with people who need to know about the defects including insurance companies, repair technicians and even the oil company personnel.

To avoid financial and environmental loss due to oil leakage caused by undetected pipeline defects, contact Scopito today to learn more about its best in class oil pipe inspection software.