Scopito is a leading provider of the best quality drone rail inspection software used by agencies responsible for maintenance of railway tracks.

Containing any damage to railway tracks is extremely essential for enhancing the safety level of the rail transport system. In order to ensure the same, companies responsible for the task frequently carry out inspection of the different tracks to check their strength and diagnose any flaws or weaknesses that might become the cause of a major accident. The inspection task was generally conducted manually and proved to not only be extremely time consuming but also quite tiring. Moreover, the monotony of inspecting miles upon miles of tracks to find the minutest defects, often affected the accuracy of the information.

But now thanks to the innovative drone rail inspection software technology, railway track maintenance companies can get the inspection process completed in an efficient and reliable manner within a relatively short time. The software, which can be remotely operated, captures high quality images of the tracks being inspected and send them immediately across to the data center for easy access and storage. The use of software not only offers a more convenient option than manual inspection methods but is also more accurate and cost effective.

Scopito drone rail inspection software is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of rail maintenance companies. Its user friendly interface and ease of use are the major reasons behind its growing popularity. Moreover, gaining access to the software does not require its installation on user systems but can be done in the following three simple steps.

  • Create a Scopito user account
  • Login to the account with a valid username and password
  • Access the images captured by the inspection software and stored in the data center

Railway maintenance companies can be assured of the following benefits by using Scopito drone rail inspection software for carrying out this important task.

  • Analyzing any suggested flaws and weaknesses becomes easy as the information is presented to the concerned people in a visual format. This gives them a better idea of not only the type of damage, but also the time period available to them for rectifying it before it can cause a major mishap.
  • Sharing and tagging images becomes much easier as any authorized user can access the images from almost any place and at any time. It also minimizes any chances of misunderstandings and misreporting between the members of the analysis and repair team.
  • The visual details make it possible for the rail maintenance companies to develop the most beneficial repair plans to ensure greater durability of the tracks. It also helps them to access the effect of the current damage and flaws on the adjacent tracks more reliably and accurately.
  • The visual information can be stored easily within the data center for future record and reference. Moreover, the users can provide easy access to the images to other relevant people by providing them their login information for a limited time.

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