The high quality and extremely reliable road inspection software offered by Scopito is becoming the preferred choice of companies responsible for road maintenance.

Software That Helps Enhance Road Safety

Broken and damaged roads are a major cause of accidents that are responsible for considerable loss of life annually across the globe. Being able to detect the defects in a timely and efficient manner can help reduce the number of such accidents by a significant margin besides making it possible for people to cut down the travel time. However, up until recently the task of road inspection used to be an extremely complex task that was mostly carried out by trained professionals. The process was not only time consuming but also led to major traffic issues especially in areas of heavy traffic.

Thankfully the drone road inspection software has provided a convenient solution for this problem. The software is designed to enable road maintenance companies to carry out the inspection task in a simple and hassle free manner through remote monitoring. The ease of use of this software has further enhanced its popularity amongst such companies. It has not only helped them to get more accurate and reliable information about the true condition of roads but also made it possible for them to take timely action in terms of repair needs.

Scopito – The User Friendly Option

Despite the wide range of road inspection software available in the market, the drone road inspection software offered by Scopito is becoming increasingly popular in comparison to the others. This is because the software does not need to be installed on the user’s system, but can be accessed easily from any place and at any time through a valid Scopito user id and password. All the images captured by the software are stored in the data center making it further simpler for the authorized users to browse through them, share them or even tag them to the relevant people.

One Software, Multiple Benefits

Using the drone road inspection software from Scopito offers multiple benefits to the maintenance companies. The most important of these are listed below.

  • The software provides information in the form of visual images which are not only a lot easier to understand but also provide more relevant details in terms of the type and extent of damage.
  • Using the software eliminates the need to create traffic diversions on the section of the road being invested, which in turn minimizes the inconvenience caused to the commuters.
  • The software works efficiently irrespective of the level of traffic passing over the road and without causing any traffic issues especially during rush hours.
  • The images captured by the software can be enhanced both in terms of size and quality for better damage analysis as well as development of most effective repair plans.
  • The images can be easily stored for future use or reference at the data centre itself in a digitized format.
  • To learn more about this innovative drone road inspection software that can help build better and safer roads, contact Scopito today.