Scopito is one of the leading providers of highly efficient and reliable Drone roof inspection software for roofing companies.

Roofing companies across the globe are beginning to realize the benefits of using drones for inspecting defects in roofs and the exact repair needs for the same. Drones offer an easier and more reliable method for accessing the damage that would otherwise require the employment of specially trained technicians and latest equipment. Since the roof forms an extremely important part of any structure, maintaining its strength and vitality is important for ensuring the long life of the structure itself.

The popularity of Drone roof inspection software is increasing rapidly amongst leading roofing companies. The high quality images captured by the drones during the inspections can be used in multiple ways to provide satisfactory repair solutions. The companies can share the images with the customers and the repair and infrastructure experts to find the most effective and lasting solutions, besides storing them for future reference.

Scopito provides an extremely user friendly interface and the software is both cloud and browser based and does not require any installation process. You can use the software by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Create a Scopito account
  • Logon to the Scopito account
  • Browse, tag or share the images captured during the inspection

The roofing companies can reap the below mentioned benefits by using the Drone roof inspection software offered by Scopito.

  • Companies can easily share the images captured by the software with their customers. Scopito makes selecting images and sharing them with the customers extremely simple by enabling the account holding companies to provide accessibility to the clients. However, this does not compromise the safety and security of the personal data and information of the Scopito software account holder.
  • The users can carry out high quality analysis of the captured images at a faster pace. Scopito employs a team of expert analysts capable of carrying out comprehensive analysis of the images available in the data center. This helps in reducing the clutter and simplifying the final analysis for providing a cost effective repair solution.
  • The companies can provide access of the images to the repair crew using the Scopito software, enabling them to develop more relevant and practical plans for carrying out the repair task. This can not only save considerable work hours but also save any unnecessary expenses on equipments and spares. The easy to use browser-based Scopito software can enable and simplify image sharing and problem resolution.
  • The software provides enhanced space for storing images for which the users need to upgrade their Scopito solution account. It is an extremely simple process and assures the users of complete safety of data for a longer time.
  • The software also enables the users to enhance the quality of the captured images under the guidance of Scopito experts.

Scopito’s association with the Danish Aviation Authorities ensures timely and regular updates of regulations making it possible for the roofing companies to carry out easier and high quality drone-inspections in the near future.

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