Why use Scopito
Short video showing how you can improve your business workflows by using Scopito to store, analyze and share your inspection images.
Cebit 2017 – Quick Scopito Demo
Short video used at our Cebit 2017 stand. Several customers asked for a copy. So here it is:). There is no audio since this was used for a exhibition stand.
Scopito Inspecting Images
This video shows how to inspection images in Scopito
Scopito Access Management
How to create new companies and users in Scopito. Here is where you make sure who see what and which rights and roles to assign to you created users
Scopito Filters
This video shows to to use filters and quickly get to your relevant data
Scopito Reports
This video shows how to generate reports in Scopito
Scopito Custom Maps
You can add your own maps to Scopito, as well as use other maps providers such Google satellite or others. This feature is available from the professional tier or otherwise can be an add on for an agreed price
Scopito Create Inspections
How to create inspections in Scopito and how to upload images into the newly created inspections. Also includes an explanation of the difference between draft and published inspections
Scopito – Analyze This Inspection For Me
Scopito can solve labor intensive and time consuming tasks for you. Ask for Scopito to analyze your inspections and free yourself for more important tasks. Note! The analysis has an additional price, contact Scopito for more details

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