Cell tower inspections

Telecommunication companies across the globe need to constantly monitor their towers, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free relay of signals between the devices of countless users.

However, cell tower inspections are often risky and very expensive. Companies need to employ specially trained personnel, capable of detecting any flaws in the towers, using high end and costly equipment.

Using drones for cell tower inspections

Colorado Aerial Imaging has generated amazing results for their clients, by using drones for inspections.

The usage of drones allows them easily identify and learn about defects in towers, without putting any human life at risk.

“The amount of data and the view that you can get with a drone, is overwhelming a lot of companies, just because they haven’t thought of the ways of being able to use the data.

But that’s our job, that’s what we’re helping companies do; expand their view and their understanding of how we can provide the drone data reliably and accurately, so that they can manipulate it.”

Scott Fredericksen, CEO, Colorado Aerial Imaging

Their customers are really happy with the results as well.

Why do you need software for cell tower inspections?

Using specialized software to detect any damages or flaws in a cell tower, can prove extremely beneficial as compared to using traditional methods.

This type of software provides asset-owners with complete details of defects through visual imagery, making it easier to develop lasting solutions to the problems.

Additional benefits are:

  • Processing images in the right software saves time and money.

  • Higher degree of detail in images and digital annotation of faults, makes it easy to decide on rectifying actions.

  • Pin-pointing the exact location of defaults is easy using geo-tagging, and saves repair-crews time and trouble.

  • Sharing information with relevant stakeholders is effortless through customizable reports, sending single images or by granting outside stakeholders with access to the system.

  • Images are always safely and securely stored.

Scopito for data analysis

When Colorado Aerial Imaging first partnered up with Scopito, they quickly realized the value they could gain from using Scopito for visual data management, when doing cell tower inspections.

“Using Scopito we have the ability to capture all this data, manage it, store it, and then deliver it to our customers.

They can zoom in, look on a map and see what the asset looks like and act on that, to see what needs to be repaired.”

Greg Bergin, COO, Colorado Aerial Imaging

Their customers are always excited about Scopito as well.

“Using Scopito is really easy and interactive. I can look at what I need to look at, or I can look at the whole line.

It helps with everything.”

Stan Wyatt, United Power
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