Functioning cell tower coverage is a necessity today, as so many of the technologies that we take for granted, depend on it. This makes proper maintenance and regular inspections more critical than ever before.

Why cell tower inspections are worth gold

An increase in the number of commercial drone inspections, presents the communication industry with both opportunities and challenges. UAVs have the potential to eliminate costly and hazardous man-hours, but it presents the new task: how to effectively manage the large amounts of data, that drones capture. 


Managing large amounts of data

The communication industry is one of the first industries that will greatly benefit from the use of drones and UAVs. The advantages of exploiting drones for inspections have been long discussed, and success stories are a plenty, all around the world. 

But with the rise of commercial drones, comes the need for proper data management. To truly scale up the operations of drones to a commercial grade, the industry must improve their data management procedures, or they will fail to harvest the many benefits of this new inspection method.

Cell tower inspection software

Enter Data Management Systems

In 2014 Ken Falk, current CEO at Scopito, was doing his own drone inspections. He quickly discovered how time-consuming and inefficient the after-flight procedures were, and realized the need for an innovation. 

With a past as a software engineer, Ken saw the possibilities in a proper data management system, and started development immediately. 

Today Scopito is one of the world’s leading management systems for visual inspections, enabling customers to gain the full advantages of visual aerial inspections. 


Upgrades to infrastructure and maintenance 

Inspection reports are currently used by companies to compare performances pre- and post installations or repairs. A mal-positioned antenna, has a devestating impact on signal-reach and efficiency. Scopito reports enables engineers to get an updated view and troubleshoot a variety of errors, long before reaching the site.

Users can look up custom made sub-sets of images (with custom-made tags), to accommodate their focus. Images can be categorized as ‘Verified as a problem’, ‘Point of interest’, ‘Colour coded mounts’ or any custom annotations, making it easy to group the images.

Preserving nature

An American Scopito user successfully minimized the impact of cell towers on nature by using Scopito.
A local law prohibits carriers from doing any type of work or upgrades to a site that is inhabited by nests of endangered spices, like the Osprey.
By using the custom defined tags, they were able to filter historical data and learn on the traffic in the nests. Visual verification allows for an environmental biologist to speed up the process and share reports quickly with stakeholders.

Overcoming great distances

The vastness of the telecommunication coverage makes it necessary for companies to work with multiple contractors, inspectors or technicians.
Successfully facilitating this process by allowing users to create a private view for each one of their customers, is a main focus of the Scopito software.
Each one of the stakeholders in the process are provided with private login and a focused view of the inspections relevant to them. This enables multiple contributors to collaborate as well as work independently.

Utilizing layered maps

The ability to layer maps can drastically increases the value of inspection data, as images are presented over custom up-to-date maps, imported from other services. Engineers and technicians are able to plan upgrades to maps imported from map services such as DroneDeploy, and use this to evaluate the impact of seasonal changes on the site.

The proper data management software will reduce costs, promote positive customer interactions and above all handle you data in a secure way and with a high degree of usability.

If you want to see, how Scopito can help manage your data, you can sign up for a trial or contact us for a live demo.

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