Differentiating your product: Drone Inspection

Drones are getting cheaper, large companies are investing huge sums, and more pilots are getting certified
– in short, the barriers of entry to the drone inspection market are lowering.

Drone inspection stand out

If 2018 taught us anything about the drone industry,
it is that good drones are becoming affordable,
and affordable drones are becoming good.
And in 2019 this trend isn’t going to change.

Drones are getting cheaper,
large companies are investing huge sums,
and more pilots are getting certified
– in short, the barriers of entry
to the drone inspection market are lowering.

Here is how you stand out.

Differentiating your product:
Drone Inspections

With so many new pilots entering the drone inspection industry at the lower level, differentiating yourself is becoming increasingly important.

Therefore, you need to offer you customers something that hobbyist can not, or your customers are likely to hire the cheapest option – if you are it, great! If not, it is time take a critical look at Your operations.

A shifting market

While prices of high-end drones and cameras are still relatively high, an entry-level, all-around drone, is no longer a 100,000 dollars investment.

Manufacturers like DJI, 3D Robotics, Go Pro and Parrot, are launching products that are both cheap and accessible.

Meanwhile, boundaries between segments of enthusiastic hobbyist and professionals are slowly blurring, making it possible for hobbyists to steal market share by offering a similar product at a much lower price.
This market shift is challenging commercial drone operators and aerial inspection companies.

How replaceable are You?

Ask yourself, what makes your product attractive, hard to reproduce and unique.
Is it image quality? Flying maneuvers? Higher and more efficient output? Waivers for certain areas?

Now try to asses if an entry-level drone, with a basic pilot training can provide your clients with similar, if not identical, services and products.
If the answer is yes, you need to up you game, and find new ways of presenting your clients with unique services.

Creating value

There are numerous ways of creating value, and these are just a few examples of how to develop your business and become more competitive.

A way to differentiate Your product, is by offering something that an inexperienced pilot can not.
You main advantage is knowledge, and you need to find ways of turning this knowledge into actionable insights for your clients. There is value in data.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How are my clients utilizing the data I am providing?
  • Can I present the data in a way, that can help my clients become more effective?
  • What is the best way to share inspection data with my clients?
  • How can I ensure that data is kept safe now and in the future?

    Drone inspection stand out
    Measure uses Scopito when handling and sharing inspection data.

The benefits of professional data management platforms in drone inspection

A data management platform can be a powerful tool in your toolbox.
It will streamline your work flow, and provide features which can increase the value of your services:

  • When images are uploaded, the software harvest metadata and brings it in as part of the visual presentation, making the analysis of the images easier.


  • Data is easily shareable with special user-privileges and reports.


  • Finding the right annotations can be done by applying pre-determined or user-based filters.


  • Images are presented on a map, and can be easily annotated, commented on or shared between colleagues,


  • Custom report-templates decrease the time needed for every post-flight aspect.

Depending on your business, there might be many more advantages to gain from a good data management software. 

Drone inspection stand outSmart report in Scopito.

“My impressions of Scopito are great. Having cloud based data that is easily accessible, shareable, and analyzed appropriately is the standard for business today.”

– Matthew Wood, Drone Optix


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