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Scopito lets you safely back up all images captured during advanced inspections – and lets you share them seamlessly with your customers, repair crews and infrastructure specialists.

The Scopito software is simple to use, and it’s 100 % cloud-and browser-based. No installations of any kind are required; just log on to your Scopito account and browse, share or tag all your inspection images.

Give your customers access to critical imaging data with Scopito
Scopito allows you to share chosen images and reports with your customers. The software allows you to assign roles and rights for all your contacts with perfect safety and ease.

Faster, better image analysis
Scopito offers to analyze your images, using trained analysts in our data centers. Our analysts can quickly cut the amount of interesting images back to 5 – 10 %. This makes the final expert analysis faster and far more cost-effective for you and your clients.

Image access for repair crews
Let the repair specialists go through inspection data before planning a major repair job. With much better planning, just imagine the savings on man-hours, equipment and spare parts your customers will enjoy. Since Scopito is browser-based, image sharing and role assignment are done with a few clicks.

A scalable solution
Running out of storage space for your images? No problem – upgrade your Scopito solution with just a few clicks. We offer maximum data safety and storage for decades to come, too.

We know more than software
We can advise you on how to enhance the quality of drone inspection images – get in touch with us and learn more.

Leadership in aviation regulations
Scopito is actively involved with the Danish Aviation Authorities in vital updates of regulations, making it easier for drone operators to market high-end drone inspections in the future.

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