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With drone and other aerial inspection techniques becoming more and more widespread in the T&D industry, inspections and repairs of power lines and cell towers are changing rapidly.
Now, pole and tower inspections can be made without disruption of service, without costly crane operations and without damaging fields and forests in the process.

Drone inspections also make it possible for inspection crews to capture thousands of precisely tagged images of the infrastructure. For power line or cell tower operators, having access to thousands of images opens up a world of opportunities: Better planning of repairs, better investment analysis and lifetime assessment, safer work environment for inspection crews and lower carbon footprint, just to name a few.

But large data amounts increases the need for a powerful software platform to store, tag, analyze and share images.

Scopito is the answer.

Share, analyze and store inspection data
Scopito lets you store large amounts of inspection data of all kinds on a simple, browser-based platform.

Whether the data is obtained by drone inspection, thermal imaging or any other source, Scopito makes it possible to tag images and to share inspection reports with colleagues, suppliers and repair crews.

Scopito can automatically generate lists of places where repairs are needed. Geotagging technology is part of Scopito and makes it fast and easy to locate critical spots in the infrastructure, even across thousands of kilometers of power lines.

Getting detailed images of cell towers or pylons is easier than ever before, and Scopito AI is a valuable companion when it comes time for analysis.

Or imagine you have thousands of junction boxes out in the street and you need photos of them to see how they fare – Scopito is ideal for this task.

Dedicated image analysis
Scopito offers image analysis performed by trained analysts and AI. Our analysts can pinpoint anomalies before final images are analyzed by experts – this reduction of the data material makes analyses faster and far more cost-effective, and your maintenance jobs much more precise and easy to plan.

We also use artificial intelligence to locate and annotate faults on cell towers and pylons, making the analysis process faster and more accurate.

Old or new images – use them both
You can import and tag image data from any source – even older images. Scopito can tag, store, analyze and share all image types.

No installation required

The Scopito software is simple to use, and it’s 100 % cloud-and browser-based. This means that you can use Scopito on any device, anywhere in the world. No installations of any kind are required; just log on to your Scopito account and browse, share or tag all your inspection images.

What we offer:

  • Less dependency on staff with proprietary knowledge
  • Easier to spot long-term tendencies and abnormalities
  • Improved expected lifetime of power line installations
  • Much stronger valuation and investment calculations
  • Online support and training of your crews and staff

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