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Maintenance is a key operation. There is no need to explain this, after all, you are a professional. You are also aware of the increasing use of commercial drones. Maybe you have even though about it.

We believe in drones, they’re amazing. Their advantages are endless.
But Scopito is no drone company – we manage data. Investing in your data, unlocks a world of possibilities. Everything from cheaper, safer operations, to better and more efficient Governance, Risk & Compliance.

It all starts with the data, and you better get onboard now.

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Make your strategy bulletproof

You sit down by your computer. Smell the cup of coffee next to you. Yesterday a fleet of autonomous drones flew one of your lines. Your AI analysed the images overnight. The results are ready. You get a notification: three issues. “Want to assign tasks for repair?” You click yes. Take a sip of coffee. Day 600 without outages has begun.

This is the future – it is. And we are not far off.

Drones & Data management

Using drones to gather data is cheap, painless and effective. Drones can fly areas, that are hard to reach. They can take high-resolution images and use thermal cameras as well. They are sturdy, fast and secure. It is straight-forward; you should use drones.

Drones and data management software together, sends results through the roof. Instead of a pile of images, you get a geo-tagged map.
Analysis and annotation in smooth, fast and straight-forward. You can have experts perform it for you when needed.

Your data is private – on your own servers or ours. You can share it in safe way. Any issues? Export them to your work order system in a single click.

You have just bullet-proofed your maintenance.  

Drone operations

Want to know more about the use case for drones and data management? Download this Measure whitepaper on the topic.

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Outsourcing operations or keeping them in house?

There are more success stories in this market, than you can count. This tactic is tested and proven. Results show massive improvements, compared to the traditional way of maintenance management.

On-premise installation

You might already have your own drone department. If so, great! Scopito can help you with managing that data then. We can even install the software on your servers, if you like. We can also white-label it, giving you a custom URL and name. Now, it is almost your own software. We still take care of support and maintenance, of course.

What if you don’t have your own drones? We got you. We work with drone operators all over the world. Tell us about your needs, and we will introduce you to your match.

Governance, Risk & Compliance, driven by data

The first thing I did in this article, was to call data the star. This is where it really shines.

Keeping inspection data in Scopito, allows you to start seeing trends over time. You can use these trends to discover more about your operations. The obstacles, the opportunities. Old data can be uploaded to Scopito as well – if you have it, we can use it! More data = better insights. We encourage you to use these insights to drive your GRC.   


To plan based on data, is to plan for success. Right now, your data is wasted. That is money right down the drain.
Revive your data!

A fast-moving industry

I have said it before; this industry moves at lightning speed. If you don’t keep up, you will end up last.

We understand that a change in operations is not done overnight. It shouldn’t be. It takes time, to do it right. Ask yourself; what is keeping you? The right time might race past you, as you look for it. And while you wait, your data is rotting away – turning into dust, rather than insight. Like I said, this industry moves fast.

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