Scopito Intelligence

Watch our AI in action, courtesy of Bytestone ai

There are only 24 hours in a day, and (hopefully) you don’t work for all of them.
Unfortunately, sometimes that seems like the only way to tick of your entire to do list, right?
We know the feeling.

That’s we why initially started Scopito Intelligence; a team of dedicated professionals
within all fields, that are here to take away the pain of image analysis.
Scopito Intelligence uses a combination of AI and real human
professionals, to analyse your data and provide you with actionable
insights. They analyze all your images, so you don’t have to.

Advantages for image anlaysis

There are quite a few advantages of outsourcing your image analysis to us.

  • Time
    You will save a lot of time. A lot a lot.

  • Money
    In many cases, the use of AI on our side, enables us to complete an analysis much faster than a person could, and that is reflected in your price!

  • Flexibility
    Analysis is requested per inspection, which means that you can handle your own inspections when you have the resources, and use Scopito Intelligence when you are too busy or need outside expertise.

  • Keep focus
    If image analysis is not one of Your core competences, using Scopito analysis can free up Your teams’ time, and enable them to focus on something which generates more value for Your business.

If you are still not sure, this article tells you more about outsourcing image analysis.

What our customers think

“Scopito makes viewing, analyzing, and reporting drone data easy and intuitive. The times we have used their services for data analysis, the results have been delivered quickly and with high accuracy and quality. We definitely recommend using Scopito Intelligence.”

Burton Putrah
VP, Measure

Artificial intelligence

AI is a crucial part of Scopito Intelligence, and we currently have one of the most knowledgeable algorithms in the industry.

When you submit an inspection for analysis with us, we always evaluate if it is eligible for AI inspection. This will typically be the case for solar- & wind-inspections, but we are constantly improving and adding more verticals to the list.

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