50% less time spent on image analysis

50% less time spent on image analysis With governments loosening restrictions and an increasing number of drone operators getting BVLOS permits, drone flights are becoming more efficient by the day. With this development, the drone industry’s next big challenge will be how to efficiently handle the thousands of images that drone inspections create. As a […]

50% less time spent on image analysis

With governments loosening restrictions and an increasing number of drone operators getting BVLOS permits, drone flights are becoming more efficient by the day. With this development, the drone industry’s next big challenge will be how to efficiently handle the thousands of images that drone inspections create.

As a company that helps drone operators optimize their work flow in regards to handling these large amounts of data, Enhanced Visual came to find that combining two pieces of software, made by two different companies, saved them a significant amount of time – more precisely 50%.


The American drone service provider, Enhanced Visual, came across the software platform DroneDeploy in 2016, and became a customer in 2017. Even though they found it to be essential in their daily work to make high-definition drone maps and 3D models, DroneDeploy is not an inspection-first platform. That’s where Scopito comes in. In September 2017, Enhanced Visual began using Scopito to handle and analyze their inspection data, and found that a combination of the two platforms provide the ideal solution – making it possible to give their clients actionable insights faster and more effectively.


At Scopito, a Danish drone software company, CEO Ken Falk says:

“We’ve heard from customers getting significant value of the software, but saying that they would benefit from maps that were more detailed than the ones that, at this point in time, could be created in Scopito.”

Subsequent to this, Ken Falk was contacted by DroneDeploy, offering Scopito to be a part of their App Market – and the two companies agreed on this, to make use of each other’s attributes.

“There’s always room for improvement, and feedback and requests from customers is often what catalyzes it“, Ken Falk continues.


“At DroneDeploy, we’ve taken a horizontal approach to powering commercial drone operations. And to make that approach possible, we created the industry’s first drone data App Market. This enables technology partners who specialize in specific verticals, like Scopito, to easily integrate their tailored software into the DroneDeploy platform”, said Ian Smith, Business Development Lead at DroneDeploy.

“Scopito is an expert in facilitating drone-based aerial inspections and a natural fit for our App Market. Our partnership will enable tens of thousands of drone operators to leverage Scopito to conduct drone inspections. We’re extremely proud to have dedicated partners like Scopito, and are already seeing great results from customers who use both pieces of software to complete their drone inspection projects.”


With the internet eliminating boundaries between people, countries and businesses, instead of Scopito themselves trying to create the features requested by their customer, it made more sense joining forces with DroneDeploy. Ken Falk elaborates:
“This way, our clients get what they want as fast as possible, and we can spend our time developing features that are not yet to be found in the market. It’s always interesting to hear from other companies and see if there’s a match: if we can create more value together than we can individually”.

Founder and Manager, Logan Chernicky, from Enhanced Visual talks about his experience with the two platforms, before and after combining them:

“Scopito was the missing link Enhanced Visual was looking for as a drone service provider. We had the pilots, knowledge and equipment to gather data for our clients, however, we had no formal organized means of delivering the data. Scopito is the data management platform we needed, giving our clients actionable insight faster and more efficiently”, he says and continues:

“We have been using DroneDeploy’s mapping software for a while now. Their software is reliable and user-friendly, allowing us to generate powerful insights for our construction and infrastructure clients. Before Scopito, we struggled making practical use of our orthomosaic maps during inspections. Our data was unorganized, especially when dealing with clients without GIS software.“


Logan Chernicky explains how applying DroneDeploy maps on Scopito has saved his company time by making things more dynamic:

“Taking advantage of both platforms allows us to present our deliverables like never before. DroneDeploy-maps on Scopito saves us and our clients time; we know exactly what we’re looking at and can monitor changes overtime” he says.


When it comes to the thing that in the end is the most important to all of us – how we can create more value for our clients and customers – Logan Chernicky explains it this way:

“Scopito displays our geo-referenced images on a map with the direction they were taken. By adding our DroneDeploy maps as the base layer, you can see exactly which part of the infrastructure you are looking at. It makes our services more dynamic as a whole; it’s like giving our clients a personal

satellite capable of taking photos with resolution under 1inch/pixel. When you combine that with organized thermal and magnification imagery it becomes powerful data for our clients.”, the Enhanced Visual manager says, and continues:

“Importing our DroneDeploy maps to Scopito has been a game changer. We use the two platforms to complement each other. Prior to integrating DroneDeploy maps, our Scopito inspection data was presented over often outdated lower resolution satellite imagery. By using both platforms, we are able to present our data on top of high-resolution, geo-referenced maps, giving clients a real-time overview of the area. It gave us a lot more flexibility when designing custom service plans.”


When asked if combining the attributes of DroneDeploy and Scopito has saved Enhanced Visual money, Logan Chernicky answers:

“Not directly, but it has saved us time, and time is money. We can spend less time organizing the data and more time gathering it, benefiting both Enhanced Visual and our clients.” He estimates that the company has saved 50% of the time spent per inspection due to the use of the two platforms. More precisely, he says: “We can organize our inspection data in ½ of the time, and review the images in ½. That roughly means 5-10 hours saved per inspection, depending on the size.”


For those interested to test the software for themselves, Scopito is now available on DroneDeploy’s App Market. A 30-day free trial is available for DroneDeploy, and 14 days for Scopito.


About the three companies

Enhanced Visual:

Enhanced Visual is a drone service provider based out of Pennsylvania, operating in the United States. Helping both large and small businesses take advantage of drone technology. Change isn’t always easy, but it is inevitable and much easier with Enhanced Visual because we are where technology meets practicality. We use state-of-the-art platforms to gather, analyze, store, and share data making it well worth it. Giving powerful insight to engineers, inspectors, and project managers. Our experts work with an expanding array of industries, keeping clients on the cutting edge of drone technology and data management by working with companies every step along the way creating custom service plans. Our mission is to provide innovative, previously impossible services to enhance work flow.


DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones, and is making the power of aerial data accessible and productive for everyone.

Trusted by leading brands globally, DroneDeploy is transforming the way businesses leverage drones and aerial data across industries, including agriculture, construction, mining, inspection and surveying. Simple by design, DroneDeploy enables professional-grade imagery and analysis, 3D modeling and more from any drone on any device.

DroneDeploy is located in the heart of San Francisco. To learn more visit them online and join the conversation on Twitter.

Scopito allows you to intelligently store, analyze & share large amounts of image data, typically based on drone inspection runs, which generate thousands of hi-res images.

Scopito is the software of choice for drone inspection companies in need of a powerful software platform. Scopito is also employed by large utility and infrastructure companies operating power transmission lines, wind farms, road and rail infrastructure and much more besides.


Logan Chernicky, Enhanced Visual
Telephone: 814-229-1464
Email: info@enhancedvisual.com
www: enhancedvisual.com

Ian Smith, DroneDeploy
Email: ian@dronedeploy.com
www: dronedeploy.com

Ken Falk, Scopito ApS
Telephone: +45 71 99 29 03
Email: kif@scopito.com
www: scopito.com