Solar best practices 2020

Scopito has passed the stringent requirements for Solar Aerial Thermography Best Practices.

Scopito has passed the stringent requirements for Solar Aerial Thermography Best Practices.

The SolarPower Europe O&M Best Practices Guidelines is a benchmark document for solar O&M excellence in Europe and the world.

As a holder of the Solar Aerial Thermography Best Practices Mark, we comply with the O&M Best Practices Guidelines and encourage all solar O&M stakeholders to strive towards compliance.

The objective is to enhance service quality, transparency and standardisation within the industry and Scopito are proud to be part of it.


The Solar Best Practices Guidelines are a suite of handbooks providing detailed advice on different solar services in line with the highest standards. Available guidelines are the O&M Best Practice Guidelines and the Asset Management Best Practice Guidelines, prepared by SolarPower Europe, Europe’s leading solar industry association, with the objective to enhance service quality and standardisation in the industry.


The Solar Best Practices Checklists are interactive tools to help service providers and clients to evaluate service quality in a fully transparent manner. Checklists are currently available for O&M, monitoring tool and aerial thermography services. They are based on the requirements presented in the best practice guidelines and have been prepared by SolarPower Europe.


The Solar Best Practices Mark is a suite of self-certification-based labels based on the guidelines and checklists. Its purpose is to create more transparency in solar services and incentivise excellence by providing visibility to complying companies by featuring their profiles in the Companies Directory and the possibility to display the Mark on their company websites and other publicity materials.