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Let's make some magic.

Solar panel inspection software

Let's make some magic.

Give your business the edge with solar inspection software that looks like magic and works like science. Scopito alleviates the pain of managing large data sets with with fast loading images, smart keystrokes and AI fault detection. We're so sure you'll love it, the first 14 days are on us.

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With you, from capture to delivery.

To deliver the best possible results, you need the best Solar inspection software. Our cloud-based platform keeps your data easily accessible and safe, and allows you to share inspection results with anyone south of (or in) Santa's workshop.

Like an x-ray for your assets.

thermal analysis software

Like an x-ray for your assets.

Thermal images are amazing for providing a look "inside" your assets. Scopito is giving your the edge on this technology, with our thermal analysis tool. Now you can include all essential information in your reports.

Visual data analysis, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Scopito's AI inspection annotates faults in your images quickly and accurately. So, instead of going through thousands of inspection images, you can fly more jobs.

Our platform, your brand.

solar panel inspection software

Our platform, your brand.

With a Scopito white-label, you have access to all of Scopito's powerful functionalities, within your own custom-tailored platform. We'll keep things fast and stable, with your brand in the spotlight. Give us a call to hear more.

Trusted by 7.000+ companies

Malcolm Davidge
Futurewise Aerial

Malcolm Davidge

Futurewise Aerial

"As sure as night follows days, solar power is the future, and Scopito is the future for solar inspections."

Lorenzo Arizzoli-Bulato

Lorenzo Arizzoli-Bulato


"Data analysis of power lines inspection can get messy because there are thousands of photos to deal with. Scopito provides a great platform with the map-based visualization and all the nice features to handle the data base. As a result, we get accurate insights and plenty of possibilities to extract the relevant information we need."

Logan Chernicky
RPG Resources

Logan Chernicky

RPG Resources

“Scopito is what sets us apart from our competitors, it allows us to collect more inspection data while simultaneously lessening the time it takes to review it. Anytime we can provide our client with a better deliverable in less turn-around time is a win. I’ve been working alongside the Scopito team for several years now and they definitely are not stagnate, the platform is always being refined, improved and upgraded. Can’t wait to see where this company is in years to come.”

Carsten Weiser

Carsten Weiser


"We partner with best-in-class software providers, to offer our clients insightful recommendations on how to handle their Phase One images, and when it comes to visual data management, Scopito is for sure one of the leaders in this field."

Solar PV Features


Faulty panels are marked on Scopito's map, making it easy to find for the repair crew. All baselayers are supported, including CECAD, Thermal Ortho, CAD, RGB Ortho and Google.

High quality reports

Filters and reporting work together, to ensure that your PDF reports contain exactly the information you need. The GPS-location of faulty panels is always included.

Powerful image analysis tools

Identifying and annotating faulty panels is a breeze thanks to endless zoom, fast loading and thermal analysis. Prefer to outsource analysis? With Scopito, experts and AI is just a click away.

SAP integrations

Detected faults are easily dispensed to work order tickets for your maintenance team. This improves workflow reliability, and the quality of fault information that repair-crews have available.

AI fault detection

Image analysis has never been more effortless. Lean back and watch our algorithms detect faults in your images. It is time-efficient, and lets you spend your hours on more important tasks.

Roles & rights

Work together in teams, all across the globe. With Scopito you can let a team-member review or approve an inspection, or let your client see the results, directly in the platform. It's almost magical, right?

Scopito prices.

Choose your industry of interest, to see relevant pricing information.

Pay Per Asset

Solar - MW

1 asset costs €20

Enterprise 1 1000
  • I will do my own analysis - 1 asset costs €0

    For customers with in-house expertise.

How it works

Pay per MW. Upload as many images as you like, only pay per MW inspected. Collect the data to our high standards and exclusive workflow, for the best results. Want to fly higher for a different scale? Please contact us. We also offer a comprehensive full-service option that includes personalized support. Our team will assist you in planning the data capture process and conduct a thorough analysis. The cost for this option is 65 EUR per MW, and a minimum of 10 MW is required. Volume discounts available.



You qualify for an Enterprise License.

You want to manage governance, risk & compliance of a large asset portfolio and that requires special attention. That's why you qualify for our Enterprise license and can take advantage of these additional benefits.

  • Unlimited images per asset
  • 1 year access to your data
  • No feature restrictions
  • Expert Analysis
  • Volume discounts
  • On-premise installation
  • Custom development
  • Discounts on access renewal

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