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Power Transmission Cases

Managing vegetation encroachment with Scopito Encroachment Analysis.

Managing vegetation encroachment is a huge, costly task. Scopito Encroachment Analysis cuts costs and smooths the workflow.

AI explained

#1 in our series on Artificial Intelligence in the visual infrastructure-inspection industry.

Drones for inspection of infrastructure: Barriers, opportunities, and successful uses.

A study by SDU, about Energinet, Power lines and Scopito.

Encroachment surveying; LiDAR vs. Photogrammetry.

Is Photogrammetry a viable replacement for LiDAR in encroachment surveying in terms of price, time and accuracy?

Exactly how much is visual inspection data worth?

Inspection data has worth now, and especially in the future.

Succeeding with using drones/UAVs to optimize maintenance operations, in 4 steps.

A practical look at getting started with in-sourced drone operations.

How to create UAS jobs for yourself. Starting a DSP in 4 steps.

Starting a drone business? All you need to know, in less than 15 minutes.

Ensuring Asset health; a medical check for your Utility

A short case about ensuring Asset health for your lines, not featuring Tom Cruise.

From Excel to excellence; deleting the inspection report template.

How 3000 images on a thumb drive cost a DSP repeat business.

Drowning in Data; a case for proper Data Management tools.

It used to be more data = more problems. But for Jim, one Data management tool changed it all.

I have an interesting case!

Feel like you have an interesting case that you would like to share with us? Send us a mail and let's get in touch. If we find it relevant we will continue dialog over emails. Sharing is caring.


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