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Managing vegetation encroachment with Scopito Encroachment Analysis.

Managing vegetation encroachment is a huge, costly task. Scopito Encroachment Analysis cuts costs and smooths the workflow.

AI explained

#1 in our series on Artificial Intelligence in the visual infrastructure-inspection industry.

Scopito Return on Investment.

See our ROI calculations, based on a thorough Proof of Concept project.

A Scopito White label

In-house development vs. buying a ready-made analytics platform?

Drone inspections: a comprehensive guide

Getting started with drone operations or expanding them can be a jungle. We're here to untagle.

Software for Cell Tower inspections

Telecommunication companies across the globe need to constantly monitor their towers, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free relay of signals between the devices of countless users. However, cell tower inspections are often risky and very expensive. Companies need to employ specially trained personnel, capable of detecting any flaws in the towers, using high end and […]

Succeeding with using drones/UAVs to optimize maintenance operations, in 4 steps.

A practical look at getting started with in-sourced drone operations.

How to create UAS jobs for yourself. Starting a DSP in 4 steps.

Starting a drone business? All you need to know, in less than 15 minutes.

Top 10 Energy Solution Providers of 2019

“Efficiency driven by intelligent drone inspection.” Thus reads the first paragraph of the CIO Insights section on Scopito.

Image analysis software is a massive time-saver.

Proper image analysis software can save you time and headaches.


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