Scopito Is offering a grand new approach for inspection of Solar panel in an absolute safe and effective manner via its technically advanced drone inspection software.

Why to go for Drone Solar panel inspection software?

Application of high definition image captured by drone is used for inspection of solar panel and this is now an accepted process in the industry. Drone image detects defective panel cells, connection points and complete details which are must to detect related to the electrical phases. Solar panel inspection undoubtedly is an essential part of quality control techniques and maintenance work periodically. Application of technology acts as an efficient method to make the validation of new installations and to detect the sign of aging infrastructures.

The solar panels which are now available in the market are considered reliable and give authentic service for a longer period of time. We need to accept the fact that damage to solar panel can happen due to freeze/thaw cycles, lighting, moisture collection and delicate vibrations in building structures. Solar panel inspection services are offered to all private solar panel owners and engineering organizations in the industry and in order to give accurate information in this regard, application of Drone Solar panel inspection software is a must. However, with the Scopito inspection software, it is now possible to carry out accurate as well as high quality inspection of the solar panels in a risk free and efficient manner. This software made the inspection process easy for us.

Scopito: No 1 name in Drone Solar panel inspection software:

With our constant and dedicated services we managed to create a niche position for us in the industry as one of the finest provider of Drone Solar panel inspection software. We designed the software with absolute delicacy so that it can offer the service in a desired way and help in sharing the right images with the clients.

Unlike other available software, the one offered by Scopito can be used in a hassle free manner and there is no need to get it installed on client systems. Rather same can be accessed via the following method.

  • Create a user account for Scopito
  • Logon to the Scopito account
  • Browse, tag or share the images captured and stored in the data center

Advantages of using Scopito Software:

With use of the software you will save both your time and the money that you would normally have payed to the technician to get the inspection work done manually. Once the images are captured by drone you can check out the images from any location as there is no need of getting the software installed in your PC. All that you need to use is your valid login ID and password and you will get access to the images and can even share the same with the client company or the team that is going to take necessary action for getting the repair work done for the solar panels.

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