Commercial building management need to be done proactively – and time to time inspection of the building will help detecting any sign of damage well on time. Conducting such inspection at least once a year is a must if you want stay away from deterioration issues and get that repaired or rectified well in time before it takes a dangerous turn leading to costly damage.

No doubt in the fact that for Exterior building inspection one needs to make a risky and expensive attempt to detect the loopholes in the building. If one wants to follow the traditional approach for building inspection, a qualified professional making the inspection personally will be required. This method is risky in the sense that it may be the case that the inspector needs to climb the roof top or other unreachable areas just with the support of hanging rope. Needless to say, this type of act is time-consuming and dangerous. To make things simple, the concept of drone for Building inspection came into existence.

Introduction of drones for building inspection:

Drones, also popular in the name of UAVs, is simply robots that can fly and capture the images of the areas over which it flies. Now these drones are used for many commercial inspections and a major one among them is building inspection. Drones do have the power to reduce the timeline and the cost of conducting an inspection of building to a great extent.

Using special software like Scopito Drone Building inspection software, a professional expert can easily make the camera equipped drone fly top to bottom in all corners of the building for capturing the images. The captured images are then used to analyze the locations which need the attention of the repair team.

With Scopito Drone building construction inspection software, it is now possible to conduct accurate and high quality inspection, even for the deeply positioned areas, in complete cost effective and efficient manner. While designing the software we ensure to keep in mind the needs and expectations of the industry from the software and the features they want to have in it to make the inspection process easy for them.

How to operate the Drone Building inspection software?

If you think that you need to install the software in your system for application, think again. There is no need of installation for using this software and you need to follow the below steps for using it.

  • Create an Account with Scopito
  • Sign in to access the account
  • Now Browse, tag or share images captured and stored in the data center

The process of accessing the software is that simple and can be done by anyone having the basic knowledge of accessing a computer. The software is designed in a simple manner so that it can be easily understandable for the users.

To have more information in this regard you can connect with our technical experts and make the best out of this software. Contact Scopito today.