When it comes to getting the most reliable and efficient software, most companies responsible for clean energy generation rely on the trusted and proven expertise of Scopito.

Wind Turbines – The Key To clean Energy Generation

The demand for eco-friendly and renewable sources of energy generation is growing with each passing day. Hence it is not surprising that wind turbines are gaining popularity in this field across the globe. However, like most other industrial equipments, these turbines are prone to wear & tear and damages caused by regular operation. Detecting these damages is often not too easy given the massive length of the turbine shafts and the great height of the turbine pole.

This is where Drone Windmaill / wind turbine inspection software comes in quite handy and delivers innovative wind turbine blade inspection. The ease and convenience offered by the software has enhanced its popularity amongst the wind turbine operating companies across the globe. It provides them a cost effective and highly reliable alternative to finding the flaws that hinder the optimum performance of the turbine and decrease its clean energy producing capacity.

Scopito – The Easy Solution Provider

Scopito has established a name in the field of providing high quality and extremely efficient Drone wind turbine inspection software. Unlike other similar software, the one offered by Scopito is extremely easy to use and does not need to be installed on client systems. Rather you can easily access it by the following method.

  • Create a user account for Scopito.
  • Logon to the Scopito account.
  • Browse, tag or share the images captured and stored in the data center.

Why Choose Scopito Software

Using the Scopito Drone wind turbine inspection software can prove advantageous for you in more than one ways as discussed below.

Save Time & Money: By using the Scopito software you end up saving a considerable amount of time and money that would otherwise be required for hiring technical expert crew along with the necessary equipment. In addition it also saves the charges of hiring the appropriate mode of transportation for the crew to carry out the inspection.

Easy Access To Images: Since the software does not need to be installed on your system, you can access the images of the inspection from almost anywhere using a valid login id and password. This gives you the freedom to analyze and share the images with the repair team from almost any place and at any time as per your need and convenience.

Flexibility To Enhance Images For Better Analysis: As an authorized account holder you are able to improve the quality of the images to analyze them in a better manner. This will naturally enhance the quality of the repair work and make the inspection work truly cost-effective for your organization. In addition you can easily share the images or tag them to the concerned personnel directly from your account itself.

Scopito works in collaboration with Danish Aviation Authorities, making it possible for the company to update any changes in regulation well in time. This helps you to perform the drone inspections in accordance with the latest technical specifications and updates for best results.

Contact Scopito today to avail the benefits of this innovative technology.