Scopito introduced high definition Drone Power line inspection software for inspection companies.
Companies dealing in Electric utility items are considering drones as one of the most efficient as well as safe alternatives for traditional inspection work of electric utility. Drones in many cases are now eliminating application of highly-skilled linemen with expensive onsite equipment. Infrastructure always plays a responsible role towards ensuring quality operation for businesses and households. It is mandatory to make sure that infrastructure is always in perfect condition – or we can say one need to diagnose the problems well in time.

Drone Power line inspection software are gaining huge reputation in present time and almost all leading inspection companies are accepting this software for taking back up of images which are captured at times of conducting advanced inspections. Images captured can be shared with customers, repair and infrastructure specialists to decide the future course of action.
Software designed by Scopito is user friendly and is 100 % cloud-and browser-based. For using the software there is no need of any installation process. As a user you just need to:

  • Create a Scopito account
  • Log on to your Scopito account
  • Browse/Share/Tag the images of inspection

Advantages inspection companies can enjoy with Drone Power line inspection software from Scopito:

  • Allows customers to get access to the image data shared by the inspecting companies. Scopito makes it easy to share the selected images and report the same to the customers. The software gives control to the account holder to decide the rights and roles to which the access of the images will be given. No compromise is made on the security and safety of the Scopito software account holder.
  • Scopito offers to make faster and quality image analysis. Experienced analysts of Scopito makes in depth analysis of the shared images in data center on request. The analysts will cut the number of interesting images down to 5 – 10 %. Such support from the analysts end will ease down the process of final expert analysis making it a cost effective plan for an Inspection Company and its customers.
  • Access is allowed to the repairing crews by the Scopito software. Repair specialists can take a tour of the images in the data center before chalking out the plans for the repairing work. Such facility will give scope to the customers to make savings on man-hours, equipment and spare parts. Scopito is browser-based software and offers the choice of image sharing and role assignment with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Scopito offers the option to upgrade space for image storage on your Scopito solution account, just with a few clicks on your mouse. Scopito offers guaranteed data safety and protection for longer duration.
  • Support for improving image quality of drone clicked image. Experts of Scopito will guide you in enhancing the image quality. You can connect with the experts for more information in this regard.

Scopito is associated with the Danish Aviation Authorities for making vital updates of regulations. The software offered by Scopito makes it easier for drone operators to execute high-quality drone inspections in the coming time.

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