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Maximizing ROI; Choosing Your Inspection Software Solution

By streamlining data management and analysis, providing actionable insights, enhancing pro-active maintenance and asset management, and offering cost savings and ROI, inspection software solutions can future-proof operations, improve efficiency, and achieve better outcomes for customers and the wider community.

Overlooked Factors; Choosing your Inspection Software Solution

Choosing the right inspection software platform is a very important decision and can play a substantial role in a company’s success.

BVLOS; Long Range Drone Inspection Operations

and the Data Management Software you need.

Autonomous Drones for Inspections

An article about integrating highly autonomous drones and peripherals into your infrastructure inspections.

Drone inspections from a to z.

How are drones used for inspections? What can drones inspect? And how do you start a drone inspection business? This article will answer those questions and a few more, to get you well off the ground.

Scopito supports Phase One imagery.

The best inspection results come from excellent data. That is why Scopito supports Phase One imagery in our analysis and reporting platform.

Building inspections and software for them.

A rundown of all the major questions surrounding building inspections and software.

How accurate is AI fault detection; hype vs. science.

An article on why AI fault detection models are not 100% accurate, and why that's not important.

Drones for wind turbine inspections; an advancing industry.

The wind turbine industry has been subject to enormous growth in the past 10 years. But, if you believe the predictions, that is nothing compared to what we are about to witness. The recent years’ growth-spurt has created a competitive environment where innovation and adaptability is key to survival. Trying to pinpoint what it takes […]

Scopito wins “Best Infrastructure Maintenance Inspection Platform 2020”.

As a small team of six passionate people, being nominated as the best infrastructure maintenance inspection platform of 2020 is a big deal. We take a lot of pride in the product we put out and in the way we put it out there. We believe that customers see right through purchased awards and shameless […]

A solid foundation. How a large utility deploys AI for rust detection.

Energinet wants to transition from manual labor to automation, and it all starts with one rust-detection algorithm.

Supercharging utility inspection operations with AI image analysis; pricing and benefits.

Insights from a pilot project with the goal of inspecting 800.000 poles yearly, powered by a new AI image analysis algorithm.

Falcon UAV and Scopito’s White Label partnership.

White labeling. It used the be the process of buying cheap goods, slapping your company sticker on them, and selling at a profit. Today, with the entry of software white labeling, it has grown into the easiest way to establish yourself as a market leader. How could a white label partnership help your pursuit of […]

Enabling the digitization of infrastructure assets

PES interview with Scopito CEO & Founder, Ken Falk.

AI tomorrow

#3 in our series on Artificial Intelligence in the visual infrastructure-inspection industry.

AI Today

#2 in our series on Artificial Intelligence in the visual infrastructure-inspection industry.

AI explained

#1 in our series on Artificial Intelligence in the visual infrastructure-inspection industry.

Applications of Virtual inspections for construction sites.

A post by Jackie Bellicent exploring the topic of virtual inspections for construction sites.

Train & Deploy your algorithm.

Learn how to train an AI-algorithm in Scopito to identify & annotate specific objects in your images.

The webinar will uncover our vision for Scopito AI and where we aim to be by the end of 2020.

Drones for inspection of infrastructure: Barriers, opportunities, and successful uses.

A study by SDU, about Energinet, Power lines and Scopito.

Construction progress reporting.

What are the advantages of using aerial imagery frequently throughout your construction progress? And what kinds of imagery should you include in the report?

Scopito Return on Investment.

See our ROI calculations, based on a thorough Proof of Concept project.

Working with social distancing.

How is FairFleet working with social distancing instead of against it?

A Scopito White label solution.

In-house development vs. buying a ready-made analytics platform?

Drone inspections: a comprehensive guide.

Getting started with drone operations or expanding them can be a jungle. We're here to help.

Just how much visual inspection data is worth.

Inspection data has tremendous worth, now and in the future.

Better solar inspection software.

Thermal imaging features and smart reports is Scopito's edge.

The best software for processing Cell Tower inspections.

“Drones are changing the game in the communications tower industry from a safety, quality and efficiency perspective.” – Jacob Cowart The increased number of aerial cell tower inspections completed using drones in the past years, present the communication industry with opportunities and challenges alike.  Cell tower inspections. Tower owners are facing the need to inspect […]

Solar best practices

Scopito passed requirements for Solar Aerial Thermography Best Practices, 2020.

Thermal Orthographic vs. Individual Images

Comparing thermal orthographic processing to individual images.

Optimizing Utility maintenance inspections in 4 steps.

A practical look at getting started with in-sourced drone operations.

Drones as a service; from entry-level DSP to enterprise in 4 steps.

Considering upgrading your Drone services to include enterprise and industrial service offerings? Look here.

Top 10 Energy Inspection Solution Providers of 2019

“Efficiency driven by intelligent drone inspection.” Thus reads the first paragraph of the CIO Insights section on Scopito.

The best solution for Cell Tower inspection jobs.

How cell tower owners are integrating drones into their inspections & maintenance programs.

The evolution of Wind Turbine Inspections.

Danijel Bogojevic of ALL NRG shares with us how Scopito improved their product.

Why Electrical Utilities are using drones in inspections and maintenance.

A Danish non-profit choosing danish-designed airdata management software.

The 3 reasons you should be outsourcing your Data Analysis.

Three solid arguments for outsourcing your inspection data analysis.

How Scopito was founded | A Journey With Drones

About being a succesful CEO and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


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